Saturday, June 13, 2009

So recently I've been playing Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Saga: Endless Frontier

(aka. The game with the most pointlessly long name ever.)

I originally started it to tide me over until some of the other games I wanted to play came out. Problem is, it's one of those rare breeds of hand held RPG, that actually has a fulfilling, drawn out story, and I expected it to be, 12-14 hours of gameplay, max. Well, it's been about three weeks since I started playing, and am now coming up on 30 hours. Pretty sure I'm near the end. But god damn, this game just never ends.

I'm gonna try to finish it this weekend (Probably tomorrow). After that I'll post a full review of it. And like this game, it's sure to involve large amounts of giggling.

Really want to hurry up and finish this game, so I can move on to not only Knights of the nightmare But now Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled has been released as well.

The list of games I have to play is starting to add up -_-;.