Saturday, June 13, 2009

As mentioned in my last post. There's a new DS rpg out called Knights In The Knightmare.

But it isn't "just another" RTSRPG, oh no. When they were working on the design for it, they thought it would be a good idea to stick RTSRPG and Shoot'em up in a box and see what unholy love child spawns from their loins.

(Sure it looks cute. But don't be fooled, this fucker bites.)

You play the game in similar fashion to any other RTSRPG. You move your troops on a grid, the enemy moves theirs, and the villagers rejoice. The twist is, you use the stylus to control your troops (Which, honestly. When you say "Stylus controls" on anything, I usually cringe. But not this time. Huzzah!) Thing is, your stylus marker, is you. That's right, you your self are participating in the battles, whilst not only trying to control your troops, but avoid enemy fire as well. Yeah, remember when I said "Shoot'em up", I wasn't kidding =P (Think, ikaruga, meets Final fantasy tactics.).

This trailer will explain it best.

(My arm is getting ready to throw my DS just thinking about this)

Now you may be wondering why am I going to play this, if the gameplay looks like something that is garented to piss me off?

Well. Because A: It's a beautiful fucking game, no question there. And B: Because I feel like trying something different. And this definitely qualifies.