Sunday, October 23, 2011

Haven't posted anything in so long. Partly because I got busy with things, and forgot this blog even existed (My garbage memory didn't help me there =P.). But also partly, because Shortly after my last post I started playing League of Legends, and oh emm gee, is it an addictive little piece of candy. Much like this Halloween candy I'm currently munching on.

Sorry adorable pumpkin child. But I ate your candy, simply so I could have a witty candy reference.

If you haven't played it, or even heard of it (and given how many people play it, I would be impressed if you hadn't at the very least heard of it.). It's a free to play, online 5v5 moba game. (moba = Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) In which your team of 5, try and destroy the opposing team of 5's base. If you ever played Dota, or HoN, and liked them, check it out, you might just like it. Be careful though, because if you're like me. You won't just enjoy the game. It will CONSUME YOUR SOUL!

In the amount of time I've spent playing this game, I could have sat down, and figured out, not only what the fuck was going on in lost..... Ok, that's a completely lie, No one can do that.

If you want to check the game out, go to there website HERE.