Sunday, October 23, 2011

So apparently there's these two games coming out called "Modern Warfare 3" and "Battlefield 3". The fact they both have "3's" after their names, implies that there have been at least two previous games of each. Which is surprising, as I've never heard of either of them before. Must have sprung up over night, kinda like walmart, and mc donalds.

Damn near blew up the sarcasm detector with that first bit. That would have sucked, I just made my last payment on it.

The amount of hype around these games over the past year has been ridiculous to say the least.

Never mind the constant jabs back and forth from both Activision and EA. It's gotten to the point, where I can safely say, friendships have been ruined, over which game you prefer. People seem to treat these games, like it's some civil war of fps games.

So what uniform do I wear in this little fight? (And oh how I use the word "Little" lightly.)

Neither, and both.

To me, I could not care less about which game is better than another. For starters, they're two different games. Yet people still hold them up like they're identical twins, and we have to figure out which different moles they have on their bodies.

I don't give a shit which game has better graphics. or. Is more realistic. or. Has the better my little pony reference in it's plot (If there isn't at least ten in each game. I'm gonna be very sad.). All I care about. Is do either of these games look fun to me.

Now if you just said to your self "But isn't what makes something fun, completely subjective, and dependent more on the individual, and not the product it self?", than congratulations. Because you have just grasped something, everyone keeps ignoring. "Which game is better" Is a stupid question. Is just as stupid as asking "Which is the best fruit" or. "Which variation of cyanide has the best after taste". It's an unanswerable question (Especially the cyanide one.).

Until you change it to "Which do you think is the better game". Then it becomes not just a general black and white question. But a questions who's answer is based souly on your own opinion. Meaning. It can't be wrong.

But wait. Doesn't that mean that if you personally think one game is better than the other, than that game is better than the other one?

Well. Yes.

Because ultimately it's you who decides which game you like more. Thus making that the better game for you.

The problem with the general "Which game is better" question. Is that it's completely pointless. It's nothing more than a way for companies to get more hype, which translates into sales, and causes people to get into fights about (Which in turn, gains them more press.).

So to summarize. Which game is better? Modern warfare 3, or. Battlefield 3? You, quite literally, decide.

Also, prevent forest fires.

Now to finally answer my early statement. Which one do I personally prefer?


That's right. I'm a sucker for modern fps games. As well as world at war story lines. So they both appeal to me.