Monday, August 17, 2009

I've been hearing about Murumasa: The demon blade for going on a year now. But have yet to show any real interest in it, outside of the fact that it's one of the best looking games I've seen.

It was made by Vanillaware (By far the most deliciously named production studio ever.). Who made a shiny little gem called odin sphere a few years back.

(Mmm, vanillaware)

Now when I was watching some videos of it. My eyes were having optical orgasms, but that was about it. While my eyes were exploding with pleasure. The gameplay left me rather unsatisfied. It doesn't look bad, per-se, but it doesn't give me a "First time seeing portal's gameplay" feeling either.

As it is a side scrolling platformer/hack and slash game, monotony is inevitable. You can only do so many combos so many times, before it starts growing stale, like a forgotten loaf of bread.

That said. Had I the chance, I would most probably play this. It doesn't look like some new innovative masterpiece. But at the same time, it does look very entertaining, and pretty, very, very pretty.

(It's unwise to look directly at it. It's beauty is simply to much for your eyes to handle)