Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sony came out with some rather curiosity piquing news yesterday at Gamescom (Even if it's a con for games, there'll still be at least one fat guy in a sailor moon outfit). On September 1, a new slim version of the PS3 will be released. This new model will have a 120GB hard drive, standard. And use considerably less power than the old behemoth version. On top of that, it has a new matte finish paint job. So no more pizza grease finger smears all over it (Don't act like you don't have any).

There are some more, minor changes. Such as the fact the power, and eject buttons are now actual buttons. The card reader slots are gone (Wasn't that a selling point of the PS3 originally?). And there are now only 2 USB slots.

So how much will this new PS3 slim cost? Surprisingly, $299.

My main quarrel with Sony has been that they refused to even chip away one penny from their very steep price of $500 (Keep in mind, that's only for the console, add one game into that, and you're almost hitting $700 with taxes). Even after Microsoft had brought the price of the 360 down twice, Sony still came out and said that there was no way in hell they were going to cut the price.

I guess they finally realized that just because they're losing money. Simply over pricing their system, and saying "Pay this much because we say so" isn't going to garner and more of a response than "....No".

Bravo Sony. You've quelled one of the two things holding me back from actually purchasing a PS3.

What's the second?

The fact that I can count the amount of exclusive games I want to play on one hand.

Honestly. A console can be a penny. And I still wouldn't buy it if there's nothing on it I want to play. It's the same reason console fan-boy-ism is retarded. The console doesn't matter. Its the games that console can play.

(My favorite part of that video. Is at the end, the girl in the background just looks at them like "You guys are so not getting laid")

Addendum: Just found out that it isn't backward compatible with PS2 games (Which apparently the newer fat versions aren't either).

It's humorous to note, that the PS2 now has a greater capability compared to its dubious sequel. As well as a much better library of games (But as the PS2 has about 6 years on the PS3, I can't really call that a bullet point.... Yet.).